" Angharad's (a.k.a Prof. Rixon) expansive knowledge and skill set in teaching textile making techniques and traditions is never ending, enriching and invaluable.

Her welcoming classes offers wonderful support, immersive engagement and attentive guidance that encourages you to explore your own creative journey with enough freedom to play, while at the same time has you deeply rooted in skill development and history of the techniques being studied.

I feel truly fortunate and grateful to have had the opportunity in participating in her classes. It was a rich, rare and greatly cherished learning experience and time for me."

Sibabalwe Ndlwana, Cape Town, South Africa

"Last year I had the privilege of attending Angharad’s weekly classes on the History of Fashion. Her knowledge and presentations were so enthralling I could not miss a class! Our questions were many and our knowledge grew as Angharad unpacked each fashion cycle.

I can thoroughly recommend any future courses."

Annette Meldrum, Wollongong, Australia